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fighting the battle of who could care less [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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the end to the week's end [Sep. 18th, 2005|08:28 pm]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |blindside - midnight]

so things are coming to a close on this lovely sunday evening. i had to work the morning shift. i split a bag of M&Ms. got to see suzan :) i did my job this weekend better than i have in quite some time. after work matt and i went golfing. we went to the driving range and it was great. i found myself saying "there can only be but one highlander" to a golf ball. matt taught me how to meditate. i'm definitely going to try it on the course. afterwards we headed to cliffside for some grub. pretty tasty. then to rite aid for some contact solution. matt says he feels like he has to whisper in rite aid because it seems like a library. we donated to hurricane katrina and bought some super cool chocolate. gus is cleaned out. homework is to be done.
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keepin' friday freak nasty [Sep. 18th, 2005|12:14 am]
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |haddaway - what is love?]

so yea, friday was by far the most random, sober, and awesome day i have had in quite some time. i was plannin' on a trip to lexington, but no such luck so i just made due with dear ol' frankfort. afterschool dan and i travelled to rachael's house to meet her new kitten, charlie. PURE ADORABLE. i discovered that rachael's backyard is home and garden magazine material. my favorite part is definitely the hammock!!

i came home to clean, then i met up with daniel and rachael again at play practice to see about movie business. mrs. wigglesworth kindly escorted us out of the building. so to HSI we go. then to juniper for some swinging, but we ended up playing tennis in the parking lot which was ten times cooler.we killed the rest of the time before the movie at the capital. cartwheels were done, frogs were leaped, and stars were gazed. then off to a movie which i shall not name!

i had a golf lesson earlier today or yesterday since it is after midnight. my cell phone rang like crazy and i had to work. now i'm stuck at home, but looking back on friday makes me smile so it's all good in the hood.
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it's been centuries... [Aug. 30th, 2005|11:10 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |daddy yankee - gasolina]

so i haven't updated this bad boy in like ten years...or since like the first day of school. the hurricane is causing enough rain to cancel golf so i've got more time on my hands...a WEEKEND RECAP up until today:

FRIDAY: FHS vs WHHS...school was overtaken by spirit and i finally got to bust out the spirit clothes...i was decked out in orange and blue (WITH WAR PAINT). the game was so awesome. we killed. i got to hold the spirit flag, and now that i am a senior i get to stand on the rail!!! it started raining like crazy and me, adam, sam crowe, rachael, amy whitenack, and some other did a victory lap around the field. we saw mr. hancock!!! i also got to see sam and melanie which was nice since i won't be seeing them at work anymore...LAURA AND CHELSEA WERE AT THE GAME AND I SOME HOW MISSED THEM!! afterwords i found the note brian and matt left me...so on the way home i stopped at the theater and gave them some food.

SATURDAY: worked the morning shift with mattie. toftness was supposed to have a party, but when i got there everyone was going to leave. so i sort of wasted gas, but not really. i'd drive anywhere to hang out with my friends even if for fifteen minutes!! after i got back into town i gave brian a call and we went glow bowling!! SUPER FUN! I LOVE BOWLING NOW...and the music was C-RUNK! Lindsay Hubbard won junior miss...

SUNDAY: worked the morning shift. after, matt and i tricked brian into going to casa fiesta...he was NOT happy. he hates ethnic food. after dinner we went for one round of bowling. matt and i got into a heated battle!! i'm apparently a lying, patronizing, bowling pro!!

MODAY: school...i went to lunch with courtney, toftness, sammc, and colby! we had bella...i had not been there in forever. the hurricane hit new orleans, but all seems well with my brother and cousin so yay! after school sara and i had chips at casa and just talked. then later i took a nap and met sara and courtney at the capital. sara cleaned her car. courtney and i played catch with velcro mits!!! we laid on sara's hood as she tried to drive away and her windshield wipers took one of our mits...it was hilarious

TUESDAY (TODAY): school again, pretty laid back. i had subs in three of my classes! and in spanish we translated the song...gasolina...it's dirty. our foriegn exchange student luiz knew every word!! i went to lunch with mattie and daniel wilson. mattie and i drove separate to fill up our tanks before the prices shot up...daniel pumped my gas in the rain so i bought him some starbursts as payment lol i broke a glass at thai smile :(!!! courtney and i got to say FUCK in drama class!! after school i tried to nap, but sara woke me for applebee's...so i ended up napping 'round 7:30...and here i am now hours later
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so on the night of august first... [Aug. 3rd, 2005|11:06 pm]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music | Venga Boys - Boom Boom Boom Boom]

in honor of the second day of school, katie just sat on my lap.
"my ass itches...water!!!"
"you guys, i just fucked some girl and i'm sleeping in this polo shirt!"
"i'm on crack!"
"courtney, i just walked past the trumpet player and he played so loud in my ear, i threw up in my mouth." - sara at casa

"she's permanately prom attire."
"this is a stick pen! it's a forest."

dance lessons!!!
"i dance with my arms, not my ass."
"okay good mood to depression in like 3.5 seconds."
he's a renaissance man
stop it, you look like a maggot
check this: pops collar...

We just got back from WENDYS! its 12:38 am..here is a recap of our experience...
Sara drives....Katie is sitting shotgun, Courtney in the back.
Drive Thru Lady: Can I take your order..
Sara: I need a 5 piece chicken nugget and a large fry....okay and another 5 piece and a large fry....and another 5 piece and a large fry...and barbeque sauce and honey mustard and a large coke.
Courtney: get barbeque sauce
ON THE LONG JOURNEY TO THE FIRST WINDOW......we count out like 3 dollars in small change.
To the next window.....The car was pulled up way too far, so Courtney just says she will get it... so then we move back so that Sara can get it. Then Kt shoots a weird disk type thing INTO the window.
Sara: Did we get bbq and honey mustard?
Lady: Yes...we were just watching you all and wondering why you were moving back and forth in the drive thru line. We wanted to know what kind of drugs you were on and if you would share them...
White Lie: NOOO...we arent on drugs.

MOVING ON...random quotes...
"I need to feed my teen scene.." kt

This is SARA! me and courtney just had a HuGe dance party but...katie was in the den reading Oprah magazine with a collared shirt and pearls..and her legs were crossed. WEIRD. Well....I think im going to clean the house..

We established today that we are very glad that we have all become such good friends. Awesome.
--The White Lie.


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so it's been about ten years...and i'm grounded [Jul. 21st, 2005|03:36 pm]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |damien rice - cannonball]

okay update of my life since it has been at least a decade (like anyone reads this thing anyway) i think i'll go in reverse...

today. i slept in. didn't have my golf tournament...i wasn't registered for seneca! HECK YES. I'M DONE WITH MY GOLF TOURS FOR THE SUMMER, but later i have practice.

as of yesterday...I'M GROUNDED...like for real grounded? this is a new thing for me, but it's really not that bad. i don't think my life would have been complete if it went ungrounded. why do you ask? breaking curfew. i deserved it, but the sentence was orginally two weeks, i lessened it to three days considering i wasn't out snorting cocaine. i was helping my co workers make it home since they don't have cars and have evil parents. i worked. got to work with jon for the first time since his last day. oh yea did i mention JON IS BACK AT CHAKERES.

so on tuesday? yea tuesday. i had my last golf tournament, i did all right. it was picadome and i got to play with sarah!!! came home and had a four hour nap. then to the fair with courtney, rach, brian, and matt. we rode some rides. walked around. went into the HOUSE OF FUN then shut the whole place down! some hispanic men eyed my beautiful car. i drove courtney and rach to the party van and then took brian and matt to waffle house for some breakfast at midnight. OH MAN WAS IT GOOD. then chris called. he and jessica are stranded and they'll be at wal-mart. so it takes thirty years to have our checks totalled, we pay, and roll out...towards wal-mart. i figured i'd be home soon and since i called my mom a little while earlier to mention i'd be late i thought there was some time. so we get to wal-mart and i end up needing to take jessica home. my mom calls me on the way and i drop my cell phone. so i pull off the road on holmes street at 2:15, find my phone and return her call. she is NOT happy and as i am scolded a cop rolls by! oh man was i scared, but i got jessica home then i got home and the next morning received my sentence.

monday. I HAD A GOLF TOURNAMENT. played with sarah on this one too!! i did terrible. then i had TO WORK THE NIGHT SHIFT. no fun.

that's the past week. enjoy. WE ONLY HAVE NINE DAYS UNTIL SCHOOL OH NO!
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WTF mate? why am i in such a FREEEEAKING good mood [Jul. 4th, 2005|01:59 pm]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[music |spitalfield - the future is now]

so it's independence day, i have no work, but i have a golf tournament in the morning. this my be spaztic, i'm insanely happy...

yesterday sara came home. i talked to her online and made plans to meet at HSI at 2 o' clock. so beforehand i went to play golf with chris, eric, and sarah. juniper was too crowded so we went to lakeview. i used my new driver and killed this one ball on like a 3 foot hole.

then to HSI, chris and eric got some too. i gave sara her cds. to the capital, to arby's,to the game farm, to sonic, and to cove springs, then back. i had to go to work. bummer. i miss you earl!

i worked with laura! HECK YES. i was so hype. then so bummed. on break we took phil and eric to a firework stand...i wanted to ask the big black man with muscles for some under-the-table-fireworks, but we had no money, laura lost her wallet, and by the time i cashed my paycheck our break was over. so after i got tired and frustrated while cleaning, matt's friend andrew shows up with free starbucks... and what has he brought...LEMON SQUARES. omg. i got SO EXCITED. i was ready to go. so that's what laura, chelsea, and i do; we go. all hail p squared.

now i'm home. now i'm going to exercise...peaceout.
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OMG TODAY...well yesterday (it's 1 AM) WAS AWESOME [Jul. 1st, 2005|01:13 am]
[mood |indescribableindescribable]
[music |the decemberists - we both go down together]

okay...i wake up like 10:30ish and have some soup for breakfast then i go and pick up matt to go see war or the worlds!!! i was so excited about the new one. it was my favorite movie as a kiddo. chris called to say he could not make it. so it was just me, matt, and brian. brian didn't know that chris wasn't coming so he picked up an extra ticket. we drove to kroger to give chris his ticket since we had nine minutes to spare.

after the movie i see that melanie has gotten her revenge. my car got punk'd. it's all in good fun, but jami and bethany were in on it...so i had to get them back. can we say car paint? chris, brian, and i totally got them. then we ran out of paint. soooo we went to wal-mart for more (plus some silly string). bethany had cleaned her car off by the time we got back. we put painting on hold and went inside. i sprayed bethany right in the concession stand then got on matt's shoulders to reach jami in the manager's office. then bethany's car was repainted (did i mention her car was white?).

bethany is upset. she totally kills my car and slugs me in the face with wet paper towels and left over silly string, but she's still offended. so we take her car to the car wash. WHAT AN ADVENTURE. good thing i had all those quarters for the coin wash. there was more water on matt, chris, and i than the car. anyway it was sorta clean when we returned it.

home i go, to get ready for the concert. my brother, goodin, and myself meet coke, brandon, toffey, devin, baisley, karen, and joe fisher at the cap and proceed to louisville to see the VIOLENT FEMMES free of charge. i drove, first big city driving experience. i ended up like second row. it was awesome. my brother and goodin were complete goofs on the way home, they kept me awake.
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wow i can't remember my days...life's crazy [Jun. 27th, 2005|10:36 pm]
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[music |mewithoutYou - nice and blue]

so today i woke up with a killer headache and missed my golf tournament...the night before i ate like three months worth of my sugar intake at work ...man was that a bad idea. i was completely exhausted so i needed the energy. a quick update of the weekend in reverse

sunday: work, the night shift. i got to work with mattie and laura!!! SCORE. i also had to work with bethany s....boo. mattie and i got chinese on break. it took forever to clean. laura's belt broke. my nickname got out. people were guilty...saturday was remembered.

saturday: golf lesson then work, the day shift, with sam and bethany l...no boo. then home for a shower and then to the capital to meet courtney, dunmire, i previously had picked up rachael, matt sacre was there, and so was lauren walters. onward to steak n' shake with ryan wright and oyster crackers. dunmire that was the grossest thing ever. thank goodness we were cool and got water. courtney and rachael got an unlimited supply of free chili. i departed, got gas (while seeing adam waldner at the station), and met laura/jami/kenzie at the theater. onward to a night of dance dance revolution and good fun.

friday: work, the night shift. i wasn't supposed to work but sam called in sick. afterwards i has an appointment with jami and laura. i had to be in early 'cause i had a golf lesson.
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i miss earl [Jun. 23rd, 2005|11:42 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |mewithoutyou - bullet to binary]

so today, utterly brilliant. i woke up on kenzie's couch around 11. i walked in her room to find jami still there despite the fact that she was expected at work very soon. she soon departed. we ambushed laura who was sleeping. then kenzie showed me the sims 2. i am getting that game. at 12:30 i rolled laura out of bed and we went to kroger to pick up her car. perfect end to a perfect night, a perfect appointment. i'd like another very soon.

i exercised and completely rocked out to these cds i borrowed. sara got online so i got to talk to her at GSP...heck yesssss. then i went to golf with lynley. i did all right i suppose.

i came home. i showered. picked up rachael. to the capital

the white lie ventured to casa fiesta and HSI, we left sara a voicemail, the hardcore one that was requested. then to amy whitenack's house for some freshmen fun. i wrote courtney a song...sort of, and home i came, and those are my quardinants (spelling?) at this very moment.

thus is my conclusion
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"next time i promise we'll be perfect" [Jun. 21st, 2005|09:34 pm]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]
[music |smashing pumpkins - perfect]

so the season has officially changed...courtney informed me of this. hopefully the summer will calm my nerves

i had a golf tournament today. i got to play with paige burton which was cool since i know her and she's pretty nice. i did all right, nothing extraordinary. i would have broken into the 90s BUT i shot and 11 on two holes so that screwed me over. I HATE OUT OF BOUNDS

after that i came home and napped. i woke up and went to the movies to visit mattie 'cause she likes me to visit (she gets bored). i took pictures outside with neesia's camera. then to pick up some food for chris. it was super fun as usual. never a dull moment at chakeres. i saw like all of frankfort high on this adventure. leesa and daniel came to watch batman as did bailey, becky, and lauren. PLUS when i picked up chris' food at hardee's justin cook served us. so yea that's the entire frankfort high population with some alumni on the side, haha.

mattie that suggestive look is useless...

now i'm sitting at home. i played a little guitar and i plan on venturing into sim world. 'get real...ridiculous.' i've neglected my sims for awhile and now that i have time on my hands i shall shower them with attention... i'm a nerd. I KNOW
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